THR – Tomorrow 10/3 7:30 am

This is a group I never wanted to join but I’m very happy to have found.

I’m 41 and having THR tomorrow. In a very recent former life, I was a runner and triathlete with a realistic goal of BQ’ing.

The last two years of tri training, left me with incredible unrelenting pain in my hip. I thought it might be a groin pull.

After last years Beaches to Battleship 70.3, MRI and X ray revealed FAI, torn labrum, and OA.

I incorrectly thought I could ease up and my hip would heal. I did what any rational balanced person would do, and signed up for the swim portion of a iron distance relay.

Training destroyed whatever was left in my left hip.

In the process, I exhausted all non surgical options: PT, supplements, diet modification, cortisone, and PRP.  Misery and pain offered the next non surgical treatment of stem cell and I realized it was time to discuss surgery.

Unfortunately none of the 10+ doctors I consulted with were able to land on a solution that didn’t involve replacement. I resigned myself to the reality, that I would do it. I fell into a pit of despair and depression because I would never be active or run again. This was compounded by the fear and sense of loss of being able to actively play with my 2 and 3 year old daughters.

Then I found this group and a spark of hope.

My surgery is tomorrow. I’ve jumped the mental hurdles of fear and terror. As you all know, getting your mind around a femur amputation isn’t exactly easy.

My new left hip will be ceramic and plastic, and my right hip is on borrowed time.

I’m told I’ll do fine. I sure hope so.

I’m in the right place mentally, physically, and spiritually.

I don’t have any specific plans or goals for returning to athletics – yet.

However, I did buy a new set of Hokas and some new gym clothes to get dialed in for PT.

It’s encouraging to see some of you have become active again.

I hope too.

Wish me luck !