Question & Zero Runners for Everyone!

Wow.  I have been busy and I have neglected a few individuals on this site.  14 in fact.  I activated 14 new Hip Runners today.  Sorry for the delay on that, but we are happy to have you all as new members.

Question to all of you from Elaine:

One of them, (Elaine) had a good question that I couldn’t answer.  It was a question regarding Hip Runners with cemented hips.  Since my hip implant is not cemented, I couldn’t answer it.   Here is what she asked:  (For those of you who have cemented hips, could you please respond with your own experience?)

I am 57 and have been running since I was 18. I ran mainly 1/2 marathons and 10k with 6 marathons under my belt. I had my hip replaced 3 March 2016. It is a cemented stem with CP. My surgeon told me I could never run again. I was devastated. However, I came across this website and thought if they can still run then so can I. I have started slowly, I followed all the strengthening exercises, walked everywhere building up to 10 mile walks with friends.
At six months bought a cross trainer and then became a member of a gym at 9 months. I attend HIIT classes, do weight training 2 days a week and have built up my muscles using a cycle and walking at the highest incline. At 1 year I ran on the treadmill for the first time. A few minute on and a few mins off. I am now running for 15 mins non stop with the aim to get to 30 mins.
Once I have achieved this I am aiming to run 10k trails eventually as there is less impact on softer surfaces. What I would like to know is there any of you out there who has had a cemented hip as my understanding in-cemented hips are stronger and I am concerned about the damage I may do.
I feel so much happier that I am able to run as I have run most of my life and it has got me through some tough times. But if there are some cemented hip runners out there have you had any problems.

Zero Runners for Everyone

You all know that I have been hyping the benefits of the Zero Runner to everyone on this site, simply because I believe in it.  I mentioned it most recently in My Bloomsday Post when I showed a video about how I was finally able to run hands free.  I have probably logged close to half of my Strava Miles on the Zero Runner.  Well guess what?  The Octane Fitness Folks want to give all of you Hip Runners an opportunity to enjoy the Zero Runner for yourself.    With a MSRP of $4299 for the ZR8 and $3299 for the ZR7, the price can be a little steep.  But here’s a secret if you are interested, i have a code that can save you a bit-o-money.  🙂

Follow these steps to save $600 on the ZR8 or $400 on the ZR7.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on ‘Shop Home Zero Runners’
  3. Click on ‘View Product’
  4. Click on ‘Add to Cart’ (Fill out all information that is needed to process)
  5. Enter the coupon code ZR33 to get your discount.

The unit will be delivered by your closest local dealer.

Simple!  Right?

Zero Runners for Everyone! 🙂  Happy summer to all of you.


Here is that video if you want to see it again…Hands Free….it only took me 11 months….

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Easter Saturday Half marathon.

Okay,here’s my race report at long last ( I can hear Dave Whiteside saying,not before time!!)

As a family of runners,well mostly,we decided mid 2016 to run Two Oceans ultra marathon and 21km which is held in Cape Town on Easter Saturday. Training was going well with a few hiccups in between but one by one younger family members pulled out due to work commitments until there were 3. Myself,my husband and oldest daughter. Husband and I elected to do the 21km whilst I had passed the mantle of running the 56km to my daughter deciding that perhaps an ultra was not the best way to treat 2 hip replacements 😀( I have done 14 of them). Good Friday dawned & we were down to 2 runners,husband having gone down with a severe throat infection 🙈.
Race day was brilliant,temperature at the start was a tad on the chilly side for me at 10C. I had a blast of a run from start to finish even though I was extremely nervous as I knew what major hills lay ahead. I finished strong even though I was venting my frustration at the lack of my speed. My finishing time was 2:38 which is extremely slow for me as I’d normally do a half marathon in 1:40. I’m convinced that my surgeon took out my speed motor when he replaced my hips 🤣. For me,it’s very frustrating but at the end of the day I know I should be grateful that I’m still on the road & able to run.

Sprint Triathlon Summer Race Series #1

Rocking my new HipRunner shirt after the Charleston Sprint  Tri race this morning.   Number 4 in my age group with a 12:28 swim (600 yds) 33:25 ride (12 miles) & 22:35 (5K).  Not my best ever but my best with dual hip replacements and there are are four more races this summer to improve.  My girlfriend’s son DJ took second in his age group.. his 1st tri ever!


Bloomsday 2017

This year’s Bloomsday is in the books.  With a finish of 50:36 for this 12k course (7.46 Miles), this was by no means my fastest race, but considering the issues I had with my achilles,  it was one of the most rewarding.   After my rim-to-rim run through the Grand Canyon in October 2016, my achilles tendon on my left leg tightened up on me.  Numerous attempts at running after a few days rest caused me to injure it more.  So I resigned myself to the Zero Runner and pool running, trying to stay away from any real outside running.  The trick worked for the most part.  After the achilles started feeling normal again in mid-march, I battled other injuries related to trying to “catch-up” with my training in time for Bloomsday.  From calf strains to hammy tightness, it was a constant battle to get quality miles in.   So when Bloomsday rolled around, I was thinking I would be happy to get 7 minute miles in and hopefully break 53:00 minutes.  I thought that goal was appropriate given the fact that “Cemetary Hill” and the dreaded “Doomsday Hill” stood in my way.   When I finished and the clock showed 50:36, I couldn’t have been more relieved.  6:46 pace for the race.  I’ll take it…  Tomorrow is another story….I am back to training.

Speaking of training, this result is just another justification for the zero runner.  This zero impact trainer got me through those tough months when the achilles just wouldn’t loosen up.   I have owned the machine for 11 months and just a month ago, I finally went hands free.  This is just a great machine for training and preserving your body.  Here is a little video of me training on it.  It truly is an awesome machine for injury prevention.


New member

Hi all – just signed up for membership due to my right hip receiving a Zimmer ceramic/poly THR on 2nd May 2017. I initially found this site in 2014 but decided I was ineligible due to having a left hip BHR (resurfacing) hence I have spent the last couple of years on The plan was to get the right BHR to match but during the op my femoral head broke off so I got (what I initially considered) second-best with the THR.

Having read more about the current technology, and particularly Mike Rix’s inspiring entry recently, I am now happier that my new hip will be able to do all I want, and even my surgeon is happy to agree! One benefit is that this time around I can weight-bear right from day 1 instead of having to be on 2 crutches for a couple of weeks, another is that I do not have to constantly worry about breaking my femoral head off while the bone remodels itself, my surgeon  did that for me already..

About me: 66 years old, I was a serious climber in the 70’s who drifted into running in the 80’s because my friends did and because marathons suddenly became popular events for regular folk. 5 road marathons, pb 2:54 in London ’89, then moved into longer events in the hills in the 90’s because road running hurt too much. Then family life took over, as well as studying for a degree, so running became less and less…

Fast forward to 2008 and I found myself seconded to an office where people went running at lunchtime so I joined in and was horrified at how unfit and out of touch I was. Worked at it for 6 months and started getting the confidence to enter races again, culminating in two decent half-marathons in 2009/10 just under 1:39 which were equivalent (in masters percentage) to my old pb of 1:23 set years before. Very pleased to get back to where I was but there was a price to pay in my hips and lower back, constant aching and stiffness. A PT said to stop running to save my hips, and get a bike to keep fit (which I did) but my wife had started running and parkrun 5k’s were something we could do together so I carried on running but stopped trying to train. This did nothing for my 5k pb, as you can imagine. Eventually I discovered the BHR and a surgeon prepared to fit it locally and a new chapter began in November 2014. Despite having to be careful I started with walking then walk/jog then gentle jogging at about 8 weeks then back to parkrun within 3 months.

90 parkruns later the right hip had had enough, another BHR was ordered and I find myself here!

So far so good with the THR, I set a 5k pb of 63 minutes yesterday without using my crutch and I now have enough ROM to pedal my static bike so I expect to be jogging again after my 6 week check up and climbing indoors soon after. Apparently there is little risk of dislocation with my 36mm ceramic ball, and I doubt I have enough years left to wear out the plastic, so I am looking forward to a decent autumn/fall of training then next spring chasing 5k pbs in earnest…

Thanks for having me, Tom!

Tony Rands

I am a 78 year old male who has been jogging/running for over 60 years. My right hip has been been increasingly troublesome over the last 5 years, and recently has deteriorated sharply. Xrays indicate a replacement hip is required, and I am determined to continue running. Normally I run around 50 miles a month.  I would appreciate it if I could get some guidance as to the type of ball/socket combination might be the most suitable.  Thank you.

9 Months Out and Getting Started

I haven’t posted since I was sitting in the parking lot of the hospital ready to go in. That was Aug 12, 2016. I need to say, without hesitation, that it was this site that gave me the courage and belief that there could be hope after hip replacement. Hope to run again, hope to be athletic again. It’s been a long time since I felt that way. Surgery and recovery were great. (Trouble sleeping for a bit but that went away at about week 5.) Rehab was good except for a pulled muscle in my opposite quad at about week 7 that derailed me for a bit and got me off the rehab wagon. Anyway, I have no pain ever in my hip but occasional pain, a sort of weakness, in my mid-thigh, only some days and only when walking. I assume it’s just lack of strength. I can usually shake it off by engaging the glutes for a bit. Played basketball gently a few times in the past month and then all of a sudden last week was flying around the court like it was 15 years ago, screaming at everyone else to pick up full court with me! That spurred me on to put the running shoes on. Did some easy, super easy soft trail running with the dog. No pain, no issues the next day nor the next time nor the time after that. I’m making running plans, started writing in the running journal again for the first time in 6 years and am wicked thrilled to be doing so! More later, I hope!

New Hip on May 8

My name is George.  I was a runner turned power walker. I am 67 and had my right hip replaced on May 8.  I am just a week out from my surgery.  This is my first post as a new member and I am not much of a social media person.  But, I will try and share some useful information when I have it and maybe get some support from folks further along in the process.  Right now, just strollering around the house and wishing I could get back outside.  More to follow.