so many questions

I’ve had three arthroscopy in six years and now my new doctor from HSS is going to do a posterior hip replacement next month. I’m nervous as hell. How long is the recovery and do I need to really be worried about dislocations? Will I be able to have a normal life and play basketball and do spartan races?

I’ve been in constant pain for six years but I was still able to do anything I wanted when coming to exercising, will this change?

Hiprunner Nation!

Hey everyone!

I haven’t posted in a while and wanted to check in with you all to provide an update.  The hip is doing fantastic.  But the knee on the opposite leg is giving me all sorts of grief.  I will be seeing the ortho later this month.    We will see what he says.  The hoopfest injury I sustained a few years back is catching up with me.  An attempt at micro-fracture surgery failed to correct the bone-on-bone issue.  So…we’ll see what the doc says.  I am optimistic.

In the meantime, my time has been occupied with a very  VERY busy work schedule and volunteer time as the head XC coach at St. Aloysius Grade School here in Spokane.   I just wrapped up another stellar Cross-Country Season with a great GREAT group of kids.  We just had our end-of-the-year party and the kids presented me with something that was pretty special.

Running is therapy and coaching is too.  Since my running has been minimal lately, I thank GOD for coaching.  Even on those days when I have had the worst day at work,  those kids just change my attitude and make me smile.   This little gift was such a wonderful gesture.  I am simply honored.

I continue to run, although not as much.  In fact, a few weeks back, I finished a little outing of beer bingo with my SDP teammates.  This was a fun little event where everyone wrote down the name of a bar within a 2 mile radius of our starting point.  We then proceeded to draw a bar out of the hat, run to that bar, quench our thirst and repeat.  While the knee was not totally happy, the running was tolerable, because there was rest (and medicine) at the end of each run.  A fine time was had by all.

The Zero Runner has been my saving grace.  It has enabled me to keep up my miles  and maintain fitness.  No pain, at all.  I freaking love that thing.  I probably talk about it too much, but honestly, it has kept me sane.  For those of you having trouble getting your miles in, you should check this machine out.  It truly is worth its weight in gold.

Lastly,  has anyone noticed the member count on the home page?  We have just surpassed the 900 member count!  Woo Hoo!  People!  We are a small nation.  We are Hiprunner Nation!  With that in mind, it was brought to my attention that we should all try to meet up at regional races.  While I am sure that is not possible for everyone, I know there are a lot of like minded people who would like to meet up and run together as ‘The Hiprunners!”.  If you are interested in suggesting a race and being a regional ambassador for Hiprunner, I would love to start working with you to coordinate these meetups!


Timelines and benchmarks??

Hi all,

Thank you very much to the hosts of this site, and to everyone who shares on this site!  It is inspiring to know what is possible in the years moving forward.
I had a right THR in January of this year (10 months ago).  I have been active and fit since that time (biking 60km, working out ~10 times/week), but am struggling to get back to running.  When I attempt running (jogging!), I have shooting pain down my femur.  I’ve read a few other comments from people struggling with similar pain issues.  I’m also struggling with what seems like hip flexor pain / tightness, which keeps me from doing almost all ab exercises.  Am wondering what this is all about too.

Questions: does anyone know what the cause of this pain is?  Does running through the pain make it better or worse?  What can be done to alleviate/prevent the pain?  What is the timeline for being pain free?

I’m wondering if there is a timeline or set of benchmarks for getting back into running?  I’d like to do a 10k or even a half, ideally a half-ironman, but currently can’t run 3 x 30seconds!  It’s a bit disheartening 😉  Though what is not disheartening is being generally pain-free after years of chronic pain!  Trying to keep things in perspective 🙂

Thanks in advance,


1 Year Post-Op Update / Hey new hippies ~ You’ve got this !!

My new hip turned one year old last month. Happy Late Birthday New Hip!

Last year around this time I was well on my way towards recovery. Still very tender, fragile and new I was determined to fight to reclaim my life.

Fast forward a year. I’m not in pain. Seriously, this cant be overstated. My breaking point to accepting I needed a THR was when my first waking thought was: I’m f#cked. Great news: THR will resolve your pain.

Again: No Pain.

Life is 1 million % better and none of the incredible fears I was obsessed with came true.

Pre Surgery I was 100% miserable 100% of the time.

Today: Happy.

I was told by some I would have to settle for a sedentary life, not true.

Humble Brag /Quick Highlights of Year 1:

Run & Play with my Children: A LOT.

I can work at a high level again.

Swam the 4.4 mile Great Chesapeake Bay Swim.

Ran a Sub 6 mile.

Lift & Train Cardio Bootcamp Classes: A LOT.

Got down to under 10% b/f – I put on a lot of weight the year before surgery.

Ran 4 miles last night Sub 8 pace. Fairly easily. No pain.

Signed up to do a 1/2 Marathon next month.

I share these things not to brag but to highlight that YOU can do ANYTHING.

I was told (by some) I would never do any of the things above again.

Special thanks to Tom for starting this and to all of you Hip Runners for sharing your stories. This was the first place I saw hope when I desperately needed it.  I got to see people reclaiming their active lives after Total Hip Replacement. THANK YOU ALL !!

4 miles  7:55 ~ 1 year post op

Hope is a very powerful thing.

Don’t let Fear win.  YOU GOT THIS !!!

Happy Birthday Hip.


running again


It has been over year and a half from my hip replacement, on my right hip.  I had  physical therapy, but I have a dent where scar is.  At first I didn’t see a difference just a thin scar, but I must have been swollen because after about a year I noticed the dent.  I told my surgeon, he sent me went to physical therapy.  I was told the muscles in the one side were shrinking and I had to build them back. I am back in therapy to build back the strength and muscle.  When I run I can feel the right leg doesn’t move as well as my left side.  I would like to run again, but don’t know how to be begin, should I just start running as best I can?  Physical therapist said I should run, so I can’t ask her how start out, without hurting myself.  Any suggestions.


Scheduled for LTHR in Dec ’17


Its been about 5 years since I have ran, and I thought I would never would again. I found this site once I decided to get my hip replaced (scheduled for Christmas time). Reading your posts has me very optimistic and inspired. Keep ’em coming!

looking forward to becoming an “official” member in about 8 wks.


Will i ever be fast again??

I am going on 8 months now – when will I get back to running at a normal pace? My pace now is 11:30/mile (normally a 9:30) I am running only 2-3 days a week 3-4 miles each as I dont want to add too  many miles yet. Will i ever get my speed back or is this how it is after a full hip replacement. I have to say I am embarrassed by my slow speed. I signed up for a duathlon this weekend 2 mile run, 12 mile bike, 2 mile run and I will more than likely come last place  I would have normally finished top 3.

Am I doing something wrong?