25 Days Until the first ever Hip Runner Marathon

Hey everyone!   Be sure to sign up for the Hiprunner Zero Runner Marathon.  We are only 25 days away…..

On that note I would also like to add that I won’t be participating.  I have been holding off on letting you all know that I am finally getting my knee taken care of.  The reason I was holding off is because my superstar doctor couldn’t do it until July.  July?  Shoot!  Half the running season would have been over by then.    So I went to see my other superstar doctor (Dr. Tim – the one who replaced my hip.  For some reason, I thought he only specialized in hips).  Happy to report that he does knees too!  In two weeks.  I will have the knee taken care (partial knee replacement) and I will be on the road to recovery (hopefully in time to get some summer runs in).  So I will be ‘officiating’ the Hiprunner Marathon from the sidelines.  (I really think the Zero Runner would still allow me to do it, but common sense says I shouldn’t) So if you were on the fence about participating,  you now have a better chance of winning since I won’t be able to run in the first annual …..

10 Day Post Bilateral THR

Hi all,

Just an update on getting bi-lateral THR, it’s been 10 days since my surgery. The first week was rough, nausea, lightheadedness, and major swelling around the whole groin area and lower part of the stomach. To replace both hips at the same time is very traumatic on your body, I’m not sure that I would both sides at the same time. Today I’m feeling much better and I’ve been walking for the last 3 days without any aid, and I’m going to the gym to work out on the elliptical machine. I would walk the neighborhood but there’s snow on the road and I don’t want to risk slipping. The hips feel good, and getting up and walking was never an issue after the surgery, it was just the trauma of having both hips replaced at the same time that was the issue. So, for anyone thinking about having bi-lateral THR, I wouldn’t say don’t do it, but be aware that the first week might be very difficult for your body to recover from.


3 hip surgery in 2017; now hip snapping syndrome


right  posterior approach 01/09/17

left posterior approach 02/13/17

left revision posterior approach 12/13/17

(pic attached – the hip removed was my gift from the OR team)

running is currently a distant memory but also a goal….

currently battling a severe hip snapping syndrome in the left groin my surgeon seems uninterested

but after my year – i’m scared of dislocating…

the noise alone scares the crap out of my husband but the full leg jerk and me shouting in pain tends to also get some looks 😉

it happens at various times – no ONE movement makes it happen.

anyone else experience this??


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13 Days post op

I am 13 days post THR. the first week was a nightmare but I’ve been getting better each day. I started PT 4 days ago and I feel its made all the difference in my recovery.  At day 10 I stopped using my walker and went to a cane. After my PT tonight I’m hoping to start walking without the cane. I am doing my exercises 3-4 times a day. I still have pain and my leg is swollen but from what I read this is normal.

My goal is next week to hit the office. I will have a busy week ahead of me.

Anyone have an X ray to show wear?

I had a THR over 4 years ago and stopped running because I was told I had to. I walked 3-5 miles a day instead but really wanted very badly to run.Last year I started to jog slowly for 3-4 miles at a time a couple of times a week and have felt really good. I am watching my weight and my pace to keep the impact to a minimum. I did not have a follow up exam for the first 3 years after the THR and finally saw my surgeon last year. He didn’t do anything but talk to me. I am wondering if any of you have had your surgeons X ray your hip to see how the sleeve is wearing. My surgeon told me he only used the titanium with a poly sleeve, so I had to go with that if he did the surgery and confessed they really don’t know how long they will last. I want to ask for an x ray to allay my fears of doing damage to the bone or the sleeve.


New to HipRunner

Hey all, just a note to say hello and seek opinions. Had to have a Total Hip replacement performed on the 27th of November. I have been ultra running and biking up until about a year prior to the surgery and then running shorter 5-10K distances and concentrating on elevation / stadium repeats up until the surgery. Had the replacement on a Monday and was walking / driving on Friday with out any meds other than Tylenol. Im in my 5th week and decided to hit the trails and ran a very soft / slow 14 minute mile 2 mile run. I’m thinking I may be pushing things but am knocking out 3 mile walks each day at a 15-16 minute mile. Going for my 6 week followup next Tuesday and hoping to be released to go back to my FF/EMT job. Any words of wisdom out there? Thanks for any advice in advance.


Olivia – running shoe recommendations?

Hello Hip Runners,

Happy 2018! I’ve decided it’s time to retire my old running sneakers, which I’ve had since well before my THR last February. Now that I’m starting to run more often, I was curious if any of you here on Hip Runner had recommendations for specific types of running shoes, or advice about any special considerations I should keep in mind while shopping.

Would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks in advance,

Olivia (a.k.a. “Battle Hip”)

9 days until I join the club.

I am 9 days until surgery. I have googled everything I can think of concerning the surgery and recovery.

I have probably needed the replacement for at least 5 years, however I have always avoided doctors like the plague.  I have managed to play some basketball and compete in martial arts with great pain over the last few years. Walking long distances has become nearly impossible and running has not been an option at all.

I find myself 46 years old and now weighing 280 lbs.  I was used to half marathons and competing  at 215 lbs. I am very confident in getting the weight under control as I have already begun shedding a few pounds leading up to surgery even in the midst of the holidays.

I have not even met my surgeon yet. When I went for the consult I met with his nurse practioner who immediately began talking about therapy and pain management options.  I told him if he had a shot that would allow me to comfortably put my right sock on I would gladly entertain the idea, but if not we needed to do something else.  He then pulled my xray up on the computer and said “oh my, lets schedule your hip replacement immediately.  How in the world have you been walking?”

I am scheduled to meet with the doctor and see the prosthesis on January 4th.  I know he uses the Stryker brand, but I have read many different opinions about the prefered materials.

I have never been a serious runner, but I do miss it greatly.  I am going to assume that this doctor will seriously discourage running especially marathons.  I would also assume he would think I was nuts to want to fight in martial arts tournaments again!

So in closing I would appreciate opinions about what material type I should push for with my prosthesis. As well as what other activities some of you enjoy other than running that push the limits of having a replaced hip or hips!

Thank you in advance.

David Byrd