Pulled the trigger

I am a 69 year old male who has run for almost 40 years ,42 thousand miles, 300+ races of all kinds and has missed running for the past year and a half because of increasingly arthritic hips. I got both my hips replaced on November 14th and 16th of 2017. The method was the anterior approach and the joints are ceramic ball with plastic cup. Eleven days out from surgery there is still swelling and some pain,but I have been able to walk without aids on the treadmill and outdoors for distances from 3/4 to 1.5 miles the past several days. I have been doing the PT exercises and look forward to doing more distance and strength work as my healing progresses. I was able to keep my aerobic fitness and leg strength prior to surgery thanks to a device called the Bionic Runner. The BR gave me a running level workout as measured by heart rate and was just plain fun to use on the paths and trails I love.

My hope is to return to running at least 30% with the other 70 still on the BR,and eventually to racing by next Fall. This forum has been a real help and inspiration in keeping me focused on getting it done and moving on.  Thanks, Tom, and all of you whose stories and comments have been such great motivation.

JimB — Hip Replacement Forthcoming

  1. Dear Hiprunner….


I’m Jim Batson and looking for an orthopedic who performs hip replacement surgery on runners. Below is my background:


I am a 55 year old runner that started the sport in my 20’s. Over the years I have increased my race distances to 15K and higher so my training reflects that type of mileage. Over the last 10-years I have completed 27 marathons, qualifying for Boston 8 of those years. I am also a triathlete, but running is my passion. I would refer to myself as very competitive and very active. For years I have experienced “range-of-motion” problems with my left hip with no noticeable pain. Three weeks ago, following a normal 4-miler, I experienced so much pain in my left hip I could not walk. I do not recall any acute event like a fall, trip, pop, etc. The pain improves at times over the last three weeks, but is always there. Anti-inflammatories are helping. Activity worsens the pain.


After x-rays my local orthopedic diagnosed me with “Femoroacetabular Impingement” or “FAI”. Two orthopedics informed me that hip replacement surgery will change my life and I will no longer be allowed to run. Giving up running seems to be the consensus after visiting two orthopedics (in south Louisiana) and other folks I know that have had hip replacement surgery. I lived in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for 10-years and discovered, through contacts there, that there are groups that treat runners. I have been told by them that there are hip replacement cases where individuals continue to run “post-surgery.”


I found hiprunner and now have hope that there are doctors that perform hip replacement surgery and work with runners. From what I have read, many of you are running post-surgery! Any comments or recommendations that will help me find orthopedic groups/doctors that perform hip replacement surgery on runners, and continue to work with them to get them back on-the-road, is greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance for any comments and allowing me to become a member!!!

Anterior v. Posterior & scars

Hi, friends!

I am 40 years old & healthy weight.  I have an upcoming THR surgery scheduled for 12/19/17.  I was told initially that my surgery would be anterior approach; I found out today that my surgeon only does posterior approach.

I’d ever so much appreciate your feedback about the following:

1) Among runners, is there a preferred approach, anterior or posterior?

2) Is it true that both approaches have about the same outcome?

3) How bad/long/sunken are the posterior scars?  From where to where exactly are the anterior scars?  Is there a specific place on this site or other sites where I can review pics of scars and compare?

The doc today was quite irritated and dismissive about any of my questions related to anterior THR.  “I don’t do that, so I’m not going to answer that.”  I managed to arrange a consult with the one doctor at Mayo Clinic who performs anterior THRs before my surgery day so I can call off the posterior surgery if needed.  This, of course, would be quite stressful as I’ve arranged my life to recover from surgery over the holidays.

I’m not sure why I fear the posterior scar as much as I do.  I have an ACL scar that has never bothered me at all.  Given that I am female and curvy, I just don’t want a surgery that would noticeably deform my figure, and I have some concerns about the butt muscle being “split.”

4) Is a split glut muscle a big deal, or not a big deal?

5) The doc said today that the anterior scar is much uglier than the posterior scar.  Is that true?

All feedback/advice is much appreciated!  Please and thank you.



Six-month update

Hi all, just passed the 6 months mark with my THR right hip (BHR is coming up to 3 years this month) and I am starting to feel more like a runner again – first 5k was nearly 32 mins, 19th was 24:58 so that sub-25 target has been achieved. Part of the improvement is due to chiropractor attention to my lower back to ease stiff facet joints, and tight glutes. And I seem to be getting a bit fitter.

Still a strange pain on unweighting my right leg (like when putting socks on) but it is not apparently getting any worse…

Hope to start training properly in the near future, rather than just racing.


First race post op

I’m 4 months post op from right THR and ran my first race in my hip runner shirt!,  A 5k and very proud. Ran very slow (it took me 35 minutes) but was able to run the 3 miles with out stopping which was a major accomplishment. I’m so so happy and thank everyone on this site for their own stories and encouragement!  Doing another one on November 19th and this one is 4 miles. Can’t wait!

so many questions

I’ve had three arthroscopy in six years and now my new doctor from HSS is going to do a posterior hip replacement next month. I’m nervous as hell. How long is the recovery and do I need to really be worried about dislocations? Will I be able to have a normal life and play basketball and do spartan races?

I’ve been in constant pain for six years but I was still able to do anything I wanted when coming to exercising, will this change?