From Scott – Intro

Thanks for adding me.  I am 63.  2X IronMan. USAT L1 and USMS L2 coach.  Just had a THR left side on May 6, 2015, due to AVN that surfaced during my second IM training in 2013.

I’m looking for any and all input on rehab so I can return to triathlon.  I’ve found people who ride thousands of miles a year and do triathlons, including up to IM distance on new hips.  I am hopeful.

Again, thanks.  Glad to be here among people who understand.

Scott Richardson

Normal, Ill.



Season for THR

Hello all,

I am new to the site and pretty happy I found it. Thanks for posting all your stories. I am going for a consultation tomorrow  — it took me a while to get to this point. I am 38 and use to be really active but has to slow down because of the pain. I am considering Ceramic on Ceramic.

I look forward to reading more great stories and accomplishments that there is life after THR



2 Days THR Post-Op

Hello everyone I am 2 days post op and feeling good mostly. Surgery took approximately 2 hours with a ceramic/polyethylene/titanium prosthesis. I was up at about a few hours later and once in the hospital room I was encouraged to go use the bathroom and do a little walking. Not much pain at all. So much less than pre op. Even sitting down not much pain. The next day PT came and we did some walking appx. 30 ft. and to do it twice more that day, not much pain at all. Today we did more walking and exercises such as stairs one at a time, knee raises, etc. I can tell there is some swelling and that adds to the soreness and immobility. I’ve been prescribed Oxycodone, Celebrex, aspirin, amd tylenol.

I’m so glad I found this sight. I have learned and appreciate it very much. I did buy the book and something that was really helpful was, if you are capable  enough, then exercise and strengthen those muscles before the surgery. I noticed after doing 20 minutes on the recumbent bike made my hip sore, however after a nights rest and some Aleve I could tell my hip was stronger and was easier to walk on the next day. Plus the encouraged blood flow by exercise helped the pain.

I just got home from the hospital and need rest. I’ll post again in a week.


‘Graduating’ from PT

Today was the end of my official PT — Tomorrow is 12 weeks post THR — Going in to see my surgeon next week for a checkup.  I find myself melancholy.  Although I am very happy with my progress, I am sad to leave the supportive group I’ve come to enjoy greatly at my physical therapy office.  The team worked to help alleviate my pains, work out the massive kinks, get me moving and strong again.  I’m so thankful that my body has the ability to heal and grateful at how much I can already do — Easily walk 3-4 miles, ride bike hard for 40 min, weights and some yoga.

I’m excited to see what the next 12 weeks have to offer and I guess I’m a little scared since it’s all up to me!  No PT staff pushing me  😉

The only question I want to follow up with my ortho next week is the leg length issue.  I can feel the surgical leg is still longer than the other and causing some knee/IT band pain.  I know it takes a long time to settle down; wondering if any other hip runners can share their experiences/timelines with this issue?

that's me in the middle in v-neck shirt with my great therapist Darren and two assistants, Laura (L) and Mary (R)
that’s me in the middle in v-neck shirt with my great therapist Darren and two assistants, Laura (L) and Mary (R)

Bloomsday ’15 – Goal Achieved

Me and several of the SDP boys (Spokane Distance Project) warming up before the big race. I was running corporate cup – hence the different big color.

Bloomsday 2015 is in the books.  FINALLY.  One of my goals that I set at the beginning of this year (in this post) was to finish this race in under my age (49 minutes). I ran this race last year in 46:06, but with all of the issues I had been having with my hip and knee….I thought this was a realistic goal.  On Tuesday, I ran with one of my SDP friends (Andy) and reviewed my mile splits.  (1) 6:20, (2) 6:20, (3)6:40 Cemetary Hill, (4) 6:30, (5)6:50 – Doomsday Hill, (6) 6:30, (7) 6:30, (.46) 3:10.  That would give me a 48:50 finish.  Perfect.  But I didn’t think it would be easy.  I had run the St. Paddy’s 5 miler in March with a time of 32:52.  That is averaging 6:34’s on a flat course.  The pace I set for this course had me running  a little over  6:30 mile pace and this course included 2 killer hills – one which is appropriately named “Doomsday Hill”.   I love to bank time though, so I was optimistic about letting the “Spirit of Bloomsday” take me through the first 2 miles at faster than goal pace……and it did.  Mile ONE!  6 minute pace…..Mile TWO! 6 minute pace.  My SDP boys kid me about going out too fast.  I do tend to slow in the later part of the race, but I only slow a bit….I don’t blow up.  Bloomsday15I equate it to Steve Prefontaine’s mentality of taking on all comers and making THEM catch HIM instead of the other way around.  The SDP Boys call it “Going to the Pain Cave”.  How much time can be spent in that cave before it gets to be too much and you just want to leave it is a true test for sure. But it is easier to take, if you expect it.  Luckily, I was expecting it……so on the race went.  Mile THREE!  6 Minutes and 28 seconds.  I had banked 52 seconds on my goal time.  It only got better from there and when I finished.  The clock read 47:49 which was good enough to re-qualify me for Bloomsday 2nd Seed again next year.  I felt the pain in the knee for sure, and I could tell my conditioning was lacking due to the fact that I haven’t been able to get as much quality running in, but I couldn’t have been happier about that time.  To re-qualify for 2nd Seeding (Which means to finish in 48 minutes or less) was a big time bonus.  Hip is doing great.  Knee….will get fixed in July.  And I will be setting some new goals for ’16!

4 months post-THR

I’m a little over 4 months post-surgery now and just returned from something that would have been impossible before THR– spent 3 weeks working, walking, and biking in Europe, mentally thanking my surgeon with every pain-free step. But I’m not getting much good physical therapy– my insurance doesn’t cover much and the PTs they sent me to didn’t seem to have very ambitious goals– much more focused on helping people walk than on returning athletes to their endeavors. And my doc has no plans to see me again or check anything unless there’s a problem. Anybody else have experience with this kind of hands-off care? I’ve collected lots of exercises to do at the gym and at home, but wish I had a little supervision, especially because it is my plan to return to my (over 40 low key) women’s soccer league eventually. I’ve been running a little bit (2 miles at a clip easily with only a little hip fatigue) and biking a lot but don’t really know how hard to push.

Back to Square One – The Knee


Yesterday I finally met with the Dr. to discuss the results of my MRI on my hip and my knee.    I had built up this hope that we were going to create an action plan to put me on the road to recovery and back to my running times of just a year ago.  The appointment did not go as planned, and I left feeling less than optimistic.  There are definitely issues going on with both the knee and the hip.  With my hip, I have some loose bone fragments, a torn labrum and an impingement on the neck of my femur.  On my knee, I have some meniscus damage and signs of bone stress indicating…ugh…arthritis.  So what to do?  I told the doc that the hip is occasionally tight but it is the knee that is causing the most pain.  He told me that if I wasn’t in a lot of pain with the hip then we should hold off on doing anything there.  So we focused on the knee.  He pointed out that there is very little meniscus left on the inside of my knee (bone on bone) and was not too optimistic about a repair.  To him, the MRI just showed signs of arthritis.  I didn’t even ask THE QUESTION (we hip runners all know what that question is) because I knew what his answer was going to be.   I did not feel any positive energy in that space.  Luckily, I am an optimist.  I always go back to when this knee got hurt……Hoopfest.   My knee started hurting after I was involved in a hard foul (not my fault).    Arthritis did not instantly flair up in that moment.  I know there is damage there.  The MRI shows it.  So even though the bones are showing signs of stress, I can’t help but think that the stress is partially tied to that collision at Hoopfest.  With that in mind, I am heading back to my superstar knee doctor.  He’s an optimist.  He’s already seen the MRI and agreed to scope it and clean it out.   I will be required to rest the knee for a month or two.  Hopefully this should alleviate the stress that was seen on the bones in the MRI.   I am thinking about scheduling the scope in early July……right AFTER Hoopfest (I have never missed it).   I gotta be me……

Next weekend is Bloomsday.  I ran the 12k last year in just over 46 minutes.  This year I have reset my goal to beat my age.  So If I can run just under 49 minutes….I will be happy.  We will see.

10 weeks post THR and feeling strong!

Hi all!  So today is my 10 week mark — have my official 12-week checkup in a little over 2 weeks from now and amazed at the progress made just in the last few weeks.  Minor swelling but all bruising is gone, no more tenderness and incision looks better each day.

Each week I am pushing myself more with physical activity — I’m now up to 30 minutes at a good clip on the exercise bike, plus then another 10 – 15  minutes on the treadmill walking briskly uphill at 10% incline.  My biggest goal is to get my cardio strength back to where it was and continue to build strength.  I can now do leg presses/leg extensions with increasing amount of weight, and weighted leg raises.

My hip itself still feels a little weak — Anyone have any good hip strengthening  exercises they would recommend?

This last week after a good workout I found myself tempted to think about trying to jog on the treadmill….Not ready to try, but thought about it!

To any Hip Runners out there doing the La Jolla Half Marathon this weekend, good luck!  The course starts right by my house so plan to be out on highway 101 cheering everyone on!  Jealous as all get out of course.  🙂

Advice on starting out on a return to running

About 1 year out from THR and starting to run again.  Doctor understands the need to run occasionally but didn’t endorse anything over the occasion few miles.


i ran yesterday and was fine at 11 min/mile for 1.5 miles.  Plenty of cardio lest and legs felt fine.  My goal is to get to around a 7 min/mile pace for just 3-5 miles.  Nothing faster or longer.


Considering my goal (by October) looking for advice on whether you guys would suggest 1) increasing distance or 2)increasing pace.  In addition, how much at a time, does the 10% increase of mileage per session still apply.?  What about speed increases?


thanks guys.  I’m rather heavy for a runner at 185 lbs and could stand to lose 15 to get rid of the pudding around my waist.  Don’t want to destroy the THR, so also using calisethics, the elliptical, and soon will be swimming to get the weight down although there is a bowl of empty ice cream next to me as I type this.  And an empty pizza box.  And two empty beers.