Brian R – About Me…..


I am 48 years old and I live near Mildenhall, Suffolk in the UK. Around 5 years ago after a surgeon conducted a lateral release on my left knee to help ‘resolve’ on-going problems I was having. As the knee grew stronger the pain migrated into my hip. Well, after 4 years of physiotherapy, pain and frustration I was referred to a different doctor who was convinced I had soft tissue damage in the hip and a cortisone injection would help reduce the pain…..wrong! After a week of agony he agreed to see me again and then send me off for an MRI.

Cutting a long story short…I was packed off to see a hip specialist who said the only solution was a THR. This was back in June, as I am an active cricket coach surgery then would have resulted in me bailing out on the players in the numerous sides I coach; therefore I made the decision to have the surgery on the 1st October a week after my final coaching commitments of the 2013 season. Well, 40 days since my surgery and I am doing better than I thought possible….walking on one crutch now – managed to walk 1 1/2 miles today and totally off all pain relief…..first time in years! Some days are better than others but the light is at the end of the tunnel. The only two things giving me grief are insomnia and a touch of the blues, but I know this will pass.

Wanna thank everybody for the positivity their posts have given me whilst lurking in the shadows while  getting ready for the op but now ‘brave’ enough to write something myself.

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Brian -10 Month Report

Hi Hipsters, It has been a while since I last posted a report, however, I wanted to be up and running for a while before providing an update. I did manage to wait 5 months before taking my first run. Prior to that first run I did spend a lot of time weight training, biking, swimming and aqua running. I truly believe it prepared me for actual running since I have had little discomfort with my new hip. I am only running 3 or 4 days per week supplemented with 3 days of weight training biking and swimming. Many of my family and friends have commented that I look much better than when I was “just a runner”. I guess that is because I am a little fuller and have more upper body muscle than before surgery.

I have run a few 5k races and am running at a 7:40 – 8:00 minute pace as opposed to a 6:30 – 6:50 minute pace pre-surgery. I am very happy with my progress and know I can decrease my times if I intensify my workouts. I plan on participating in some triathalons since I now enjoy long bike rides.

My only real concern right now is the fact that I will eventually need my other hip (right hip) replaced. The surgeon said within 1 to 3 years the wearing of the cartilage will cause me the same pain as it did in my left hip. Since it is inevitable, I am going to continue my activities and let the chips fall where they may!

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Brian – Week 14

My recovery from a THR of my left hip is going very well. However,  I have decided to wait a full six months before I begin to run again,  Unlike some of the other hipsters, I have been advised by my surgeon not to run “ever again”.  Although I have decided not to take his advice, I do intend to take it slow.  I have been riding a stationary bike for 45 minutes  4 or 5 days a week. I am also weight training 3 – 4 days a week. I do full body weight training and have spent more time training my lower body then I ever have in the past.  I want to condition my lower body as much as possible before I begin to run again. I have done some swimming and intend to start pool running workouts in January. I have been reading a lot about pool running and am considering substituting some pool runs for “real” runs.  Also, I am considering entering the triathlon world as a substitute for the marathon world I lived in prior to my hip problems.

Another consideration for me is that I am headed for a THR of the right hip sometime in the future, probably in the 3-5 year timeframe. Therefore,   I could be looking at  a “double” hip revision surgery when I am in my late 60s or 70s.  With or without running, I will likely need the revision surgeries if I live long enough. Maybe I should run as much as I want to and have the revision surgeries when I am still relatively healthy? Food for thought!!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Dave – Spokane ready

Did my last long run before heading to Lake Chelan in Washington state on Thursday for a weeks vacation and then on to Spokane to run in the half marathon and to finally meet Tom. Having spent the summer training for a couple of Ultra’s I haven’t done much speed work so wanted to get a good run in to see what I can expect on October 11th. I met the iRun Miami group at 6:30 am for their Saturday long run, a group that attracts about 40 runners each week for this run and about 100 for their Monday night workout. Last Monday I ran 6×1400’s hard with Brian Huberty, one of their many elite runners, but was just off their fast pace but still had a good workout. Tuesday saw Miami storms so only about 50 people turned up at the Brickell Run Club, down from their average of 300+, but threw in 3 good miles. Wednesday I headed out on the Rickenbacher Causeway to go over the bridge 4 times to get ready for Doomsday Hill, I really haven’t ran enough hills for this so expect to lose a couple of minutes in the race going up this. Thursday was off to the Fit2Run Bayside store for their weekly 5 mile fun run, I run 3 miles there, 5 with the group and then 3 back. My eighth mile of that evening in 6 flat as Gabe and Tyler pushed the pace a little faster than I was hoping for. Friday I just hit the gym for some light boot camp strength training and flexibility exercises.

So a busy week behind me as we prepared to head off, Hector outlined the route down Biscayne, along Brickell and then back on South then North Miami ave. Romina, one of the girls that was part of our 6 person Master’s Keys 100 relay team, asked me what pace I was planning and prompting me for 7 min in the same sentence. I declined 7 as I wasn’t sure I would be able to maintain that and suggested 7:30, … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Too young to have had a THR refuse to give up

Hello everyone this is my first post here I’m  27 years old and almost a year ago I have a THR. I was diagnosed with degenerative hip disease. Which I delt with for many years because I delt with it for so long I wore away all the cartilage and developed two bone spurs. My hip was basically locked in one position the bone spurs didn’t allow any range of motion I had to have my wife put my right sock and shoe on because I couldn’t bend over that far. Now I’ve had my hip replaced and I feel great I’ve been back into the gym back to playing sports back to living life the way I shou ld be. It’s always been a dream of mine to become a cop but due to my hip it was impossible because I wouldn’t have been able to meet the demands physically. However now I know I can make it threw. I expressed this dream with my surgeon and he was not very supportive due to the running aspect. I have ran on my new hip and it feels ok I would like to hear from people with hip replacements who run how bad is running on a hip replacement in the academy they usually run 1-4 miles 3 days a week usually 2-3 miles. I know running will wear the joint out faster but I’m 27 my activity level alone will wear it out faster my doctor was explaining to me that the ceramic socket could explode while running ( probably an extreme case but it scared me. So who runs ? Should I go for it? Or is the demand of an police academy too much . Ps I had my surgery in September 2014 in January of 2015 I passed my first police Physcial agility test including a 1.5 mile run. Now a whole year later I’m much stronger.




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Merry Christmas& Happy New year 2015 from UK

Hi, Hip brothers and sisters

I haven’t post nearly 6 months. I have been too busy to do so many things. At last, I have got Christmas holiday. My hip had one year old , Birthday at 7th October 2014.  I had to go hip check up, still good condition or not. I took x-ray , surgeon, Mr Blake checked it, if it has bad sign or not.  What He said to me was my hip component is the same as 2 days after operation. Nothing changed . Mr Blake told me ” NO more running!” before operation. But, This time , what He said to me was ” you can continue running.  But, You have to check up every year” How good news is that! I do hope other hip brothers and sisters the same . Mr, Blake also told me , when I was discharged from the hospital. I feel much stronger and feel better bio hip. It did. It really did!  I did Bournmouth half marathon race at 4th October. About 2700 runners were there. I was 676th. I was 2nd 44th, my age group. good hip 2000 runners were behind me.  I did 19th October , Exeter great west run , half marathon , 3500 runners were there. I was 3rd  age group. Both run time was 1: 49 . ( before operation , I was 1: 54) I ran 5 minutes faster than before. just amazing ! Bio hip is better than original one??  My last race was 13th December. I could not miss it. This race was cross country, 12k , we had to run slippery muddy, up the hill down the hill, narrow paths. But, at the end , yummy Christmas cake is waiting , I tasted some time ago. It was delicious! I saw cake before run, It was piling up in the tray. When I started running , I was worried not to fall over and if any cake left at the end of the race. I must run quite reasonable speed . Thanks goodness , when I finished run. I … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Tom – July/August New Members



Well this is it.  My final post before I take part in the Hood to Coast relay this weekend.  I run with a group of guys called the “Dirty Half Dozen”.  Great guys.  They have been running together since High School.  I got onto the squad when I ran XC in college with one of them.  Here’s an article about them...they are just good dudes.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever gone through these thoughts before a big race:  “Wow…my back aches”, “Sheesh, my knees really hurt….they’ve never hurt like this before”, “I think I have a cold – perfect, just before Hood to Coast”, “Man I am tired”, “Man it is hot”,  “Leg 2 of Hood to Coast?  The first leg is COMPLETELY downhill.  Are you nuts? How will you get through the 2nd and 3rd legs with a leg like that?”.  🙂  It always happens like this to me before a big race.  And each time I remind myself “Argue for your weaknesses, and they are yours”.  So instead I flip it.  “Hey, my hip feels great!”, “I don’t have a cold, its just my silly summer time allergies”, “You’re tired because you did a major system upgrade at work”, “It won’t be hot on the mountain – you’ll run faster”, “Leg 2 is great!  I’ll be the 2nd one completely finished….more beer for me while the rest of the team is still running”, “It’s all good”.  We Hip Runner’s have to stay positive.  We have to live on optimism.  If we don’t the waiting will kill us.  (Read Julie’s post below….she needs to wait a little longer before she can run).  The waiting can sap the energy out of you.  The best way to get through it is to “flip it”.  Find some good in the bad, keep your head up and stay positive.  Hood to Coast!  Here I come!

Wow.  Has the summer gone by super fast or what?  So fast in fact that I have an overflow of new runners to introduce…..


Steve D – I am just wondering if there is

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Tom – 2013 Recap


As 2013 progressed I became stronger and the hip was less and less a factor in my performances.  I can finally say that after 2 years….it feels mostly normal. Staying optimistic was definitely key to gaining strength.

Here is a recap of the most notable blog posts…..

Last Year’s Resolutions: In my 2012 Recap, I made some resolutions for the coming year.  Let’s see how I did…

  1. Qualify for Bloomsday Second Seeding (CHECK)
    To be seeded at the Lilac Bloomsday run, you have to have run the race the previous year in under 48 minutes, or you have to have run one of the area qualifying races in a preset time.  I wasn’t able to qualify from the previous year because the race was just 4 months after my hip replacement.  But I was able to qualify for 2nd Seeding through several of the area races.
  2. Bloomsday in Under my Age (CHECK)
    The Bloomsday race cover 12 Kilometers (that is 7.46 miles).  I needed to break 47 minutes to run Bloomsday in under my age.  My finish time was 46:17. (6:12 per mile).   How did I do that????
  3. Get back to a good Racing Weight (CHECK/UNCHECK)
    I was back down to 175 by Bloomsday Race Day, but later in the year I gained a bit of it back again.
  4. Increase overall leg flexability and strength  (NOPE)
    I am just not patient enough to be a good stretcher.  And I KNOW I need to work on strengthening this hip.  I just didn’t have time to fit it all in….
  5. Improve my diet (NOPE)
    I just like beer and burgers toooooo much.
  6. Run a half marathon in under 1:25 (NOPE)
    I should not
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Tom – 1 month until the Seattle Half Marathon

I am 1 year and 10 months into my new hip.  All is going well except for a slight speed bump that I ran into last week.  As I have posted in the past, I am a grade school cross-country coach.  Last week marked the end of our season.  I had a great GREAT group of runners and we did very well at the All-City Parochial Championships.  I usually train with these kids, and they have been tapering and doing more speed work during the last few weeks.  The speed work finally got to me.  The last couple of practices, I had to back off my running with them due to tightness in my hamstrings and calves.  The season ended on Tuesday last week.  Last Thursday, with the season being over,  I decided to get back into my lunchtime running routine.  I was going to run an EASY 5 miler down  Spokane’s Centennial Trail.  It would be an out and back.  The easy run turned into a steady run and then finally into a tempo run.  I was feeling pretty good until mile 2.2.  That is when my right calf tweaked.  I had felt this kind of a tweak before and usually it went away if I  stopped and I gave it minute or two.  But this time, halfway into my run, the calf told me I was done.  I hobbled/walked back to the YMCA.  I have not run since.  8 days ago I ran a 14.2 mile training run coming through 13.1 miles at 1:35.  Today I can barely walk our dog.    I was looking forward to meeting up with the SDP boys for the Tuesday night workout, but that will have to wait.  My calf needs more time to recover.  My biggest concern is the Seattle Half Marathon on December 1.  I want to be running on all cylinders when that day rolls around.  Looking at the  goals that I set for 2013, running a half marathon in 1:25 or better is the ONLY goal that I have left to reach.  I remain DETERMINEDLY OPTIMISTIC about … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Dave – Yoga & AlterG Anti Gravity Treadmill

As many of you probably know after a couple of years running post hip replacement I started to feel discomfort in my hip area and haven’t been able to race since the end of June. After seeing many different doctors and others I think the general consensus is that my muscles in my left hip area are not strong enough and other muscles have been taking over the work which has affected my running mechanics and causing the pain. Most recently I’ve been having physical therapy with Lisa Chase of Back 2 Normal PT and she’s been helping me with some alignment issues and providing stretches specifically to strengthen these areas. I can tell I’ve got a lot more flexibility and range of motion but it hasn’t stopped the pain once I reach a mile running. Recently she suggested I get a gait analysis performed to see if there was anything wrong, so I scheduled one even though my coaches in the past have said I’ve got a pretty efficient stride.

alter-gSo I arranged this with Brian Gillooly, the rehab coordinator at Morton Plant Mease Hospital in Clearwater. This facility was the first in the area to get the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill which they use for the analysis and you can also rent time to train on. For those of you that don’t know what it is you zip into a skirt like rubber suit, which in then zips into the machine, they fill it with air and then they can reduce the gravity so you are running with less weight. After examining me and putting me through various speeds on the AlterG he said my left hip was weak and that was probably causing some of the issues. My left foot toe kicks out a little as I land but the right is fine, my left stride is a little shorter than the right and my left arm doesn’t work as hard as my right arm. I also have some proprioception issues which is when you don’t know where your feet are in the air, causing my hip not … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Tom – Running has it Perks


On Friday I attended an auction to help raise money for Active4Youth, a program that has brought Cross-Country back into the Spokane area Public Elementary Schools.   The guest speaker was 2008 Olympian Brian Sell.  The day before, I happened to run into him and the Active4Youth director, Mike Bresson while I was running a workout with my kids in Riverfront Park.  Mike introduced me to Brian and one of the first things Brian did was look at my Brooks Ravenna  4’s  and say “Those are the ugliest shoes I have ever seen”.  He had a smile on his face, but I wasn’t sure what to say….so I just smiled and looked at him thinking, surely I should defend these shoes….Finally, he pointed down to his own  feet……same shoes.  You see that’s what happens after Hip Replacements….you become a little slow on the take.

At the auction, one of the items being auctioned off was a run with Brian Sell the next morning.  The SDP Boys banded together to win.  Actually we were competing with another running group and Brian decided to just run with both groups.  Nice Guy.  The next morning, several of the SDP Boys headed out on an 8 miler with Brian Sell.  New hip or not, this will definitely go down as one of the highlights of my running career….

The Hip Runner Brother/Sisterhood Grows by 2…….  

Rick Garraton is our latest addition and is perhaps the highest ranking member of the Hip Runners. He serves in the military as a Lieutenant Colonel  in Fort Leavenworth, KS.  Here is what he had to say….

I’m still on active duty, so my initial concerns were that I would get booted out for being “lame,” but the Army doctor told me not to worry about it. I was very depressed, and have been for a while, but that was until I saw your website. I thought I would never again participate in a triathlon or even run another 5K race again; your website has given me hope.

Nigel Braithwaite lives in Worcestershire, UK.  He has … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Dave – Running, Triathlons, Boot Camp and Yoga

Just a quick update on my condition, still seeing the Physical Therapist and have seen some improvement in my flexibility but my running is still the same. Tri 10 06 run1 mile into the run I start to feel pain around the hip area which then goes down the leg, felling numb, pain intensifies in the hip area and then I have to pull up and stop to stretch/walk before setting off again. I think between the PT, chiropractor, massage and acupuncture they all believe it’s muscle related rather than actual hip. Don’t know if it was years of waiting for my hip replacement or just too much too hard running that messed my muscles up but it’s taking a long time to get them back to normal. This week I had my first ever acupuncture session but it didn’t appear to change anything when I ran the following morning with Jeff & Jenn, but I managed to knock out 6.5 miles with fewer stops than usual but I had to push through the pain a little to get there. Yesterday I did boot camp and at the end saw Coach Ray riding his bike training Brianna so I jumped on a quick 1.35 mile lap around the lake with them. It felt good but my leg was feeling it a little today when we did our triathlon.

Tri 10 06 swimThe good news is that since my last post on Sep 28th I’ve done 3 triathlons, 4 long runs around 7 miles, a few shorter runs with quicker times and various boot camps and yoga sessions. Tri 10 06  BikeI try to stretch every day and before and after running. I feel fit and just hope that my running improves. I set my return to racing after a 5 month injury layoff for Nov 16th, I don’t think my time will be impressive but I don’t want to miss the entire season.

Our running group continues to grow and we’ve had over 40 people turn up over the last 4 weeks, having great friends to train with really helps motivate you during some of these setbacks. A recent … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Dave – do as I say and not as I do

For anyone reading this and being concerned that running after a hip replacement is bad, don’t be disheartened, I think a lot of my issues are due to myself, do as I say and not as I do. I’ve had great success since my operation, not having been a runner before, apart from playing soccer, to now being a pretty good runner and having won age group awards from 5K’s to marathons.

I only started having pain in my hip after my marathon back in January 2013, 2 years after my total hip replacement. I would probably caution people considering running this distance, and if you decide you want to then I would advise that you run it slower than I did, I finished in 3 hours 19 minutes. My next mistake was then not resting at least 5 days but instead began training for my next half which was 3 weeks later. Well since then I’ve had pain in my leg about 2 out of the 6 runs I was doing each week which included a long run, tempo run, interval run, speed work and then a couple of 10K’s for fun. I only started running seriously in September 2012 so I probably did too much without building a solid base. The pain appears to start higher than the operation, at the front of my leg just inside the hip bone. It then travels down the outside of my leg, wraps around the top of my knee and then down the bottom of my leg to my foot. Pushing off becomes harder as my legs starts to feel numb and then the pain at the top of my leg increases. When I stop it’s painful to walk for a couple of minutes and then I can start to hobble around after the pain has worn off and I’m able to train again the following day.

It was beginning to occur more frequently, earlier in my runs and would intensify quicker so I decided to go back to see my hip surgeon. He took x-rays and the good news was … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Dave – Aqua Running with my new Aqua Jogger Belt

Well this hasn’t been my best week since my hip replacement, actually it’s probably been my worst. It started on Friday 21st running the Clearwater Beach Series Race #2. I was running with Brianna to try to get her to go out slower as she runs out of gas closer to the finish, even though she was first female overall in the first race. We had both run Tempo’s the night before with our Head Over Heels Running Group so probably not the best preparation for it. I told her we would run together for the first 2 miles at a 6:40 pace and after that we would run our own race, that should have brought us home around 20:30, better than the first race. As we started she started surging so I had to keep talking to her to keep her on pace. I could tell she was hating it as there were several other female runners ahead of her, but her dad wanted me to hold her back as she tires at the end. We ran 6:41 for the first mile, and at the turn she tried to surge again but I reigned her in and ran 6:42 for the second mile. I could tell she was tiring, she had also done a morning run in addition to the tempo run the day before, so I started to pull away from her. I was running with 2 friends that I wanted to beat and felt great, but then at 2.25 miles my hip started hurting. I tried to find more of a level area as the beach had more of a slope this week than 2 weeks ago but couldn’t find one. By 2.5 miles my hip was really sore I had had to slow down, I was hoping I could keep in touch with the runners and still sprint in ahead of them. The hip got worse and I had to slow down even more, I actually considering stopping as it was so bad. By the end my left leg felt numb and I was hobbling, 2 … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Dave – Back in full training mode and feeling good

I’m pleased to say that the last couple of weeks have also gone well recovering from a low just over a month ago. I’ve ran 3 long runs of 13 miles each the last 3 weekends and the hip has held up pretty good. My tempo runs have been around the 6:50 pace and also without too much hip pain until the end, but again nowhere near as bad as it had been and walking it off for a couple of minutes and I feel pretty good. My interval work has gone well and even did a good set of 8 x 60 seconds hill repeats at a 5:20 pace after a 3 mile warm-up.

This weekend was busy with 4 days of heavy running but I still feel strong. Friday night was the first of the Clearwater Beach Series 5K along the beach. Not having raced for about 7 weeks wasn’t sure how well I would do and I knew I also had a temp run scheduled for 8am the following morning. So I lined up with one of my training partners Brianna, a 17 fast high school girl that ran at the State’s last month, and off we set. My goal was to run 20:40, nothing too aggressive but respectable, the pack started around a 5:30 pace so I eased up and let Brianna go ahead. By the 1 mile mark I was on target with around 6:30 but breathing real easy, to be honest it felt like a tempo run at that time. By the turn Brianna was about 20 yards ahead of me and I soon closed the gap on her and started to run alongside her asking how she was doing. I could see she was beginning to tire so I slowed down to run with her and give her encouragement. As we went along people were cheering her as she was the first female, so I pulled ahead and told her to draft me as we were heading in to the wind. She continued to tire and the third mile was going along a … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Tom – 2012 Recap

From a running standpoint (and a hip replacement standpoint), 2012 could not have gone any better.  There were ups and downs throughout the year…but my running improved.

Here is a recap of the most notable blog posts…..

Resolutions for the coming year.  Oh I have some….

  1. Get back to a good racing weight…..175 would be ideal…I would like to drop about 5 to 8 lbs.
  2. Improve my diet.  What is the vegetable equivalent of 1 beer and a cheeseburger?
  3. Qualify for Bloomsday 2nd Seeding.  OK.  I am the 2nd Seeding Coordinator, but I also want to prove my metal as a faster runner.  First seeding race will be the St. Paddy’s 5 miler in March.  I will attempt to break 31 minutes at that race.
  4. Increase overall leg flexibilty and strength.  In this category, fellow hip runner Brian Scanlon has me beat.  He is focusing much of his recovery time on leg strength and flexibility.  If I could do it over….I would have spent more time stretching in the earlier months.  But it is never too late.
  5. Bloomsday in under my age.  I’ve come close.  2 years ago, I ran the 12k race (7.46 miles) in 45 minutes and change.  This year, all I have to do is run it in under 47 minutes.
  6. Run a half marathon in sub 1:25.  I’m thinking fall for this.

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Week 49 Report

So after a “giddy” week 48, and week of increased effort, I now have to pull the reigns back a bit.  My week consisted of  two days of basketball, more running with additional quality, and a Sunday long run  that I finished in 1:09 and change.  ( I call it a 10 miler, but it’s really 9.6).  Although that is not even 7:00 minute miles, I am very pleased considering the middle miles were up the back side of the Spokane’s South Hill and I was hitting 8 minute miles on those.  In the last 4 miles of the run I was hitting sub 6:30’s.  It was an effort.  I felt it.  But I made a challenge to myself to finish the run in under 1:10.   It was one of those, “If you finish in under 1:10, you’ll ……(fill in the blanks)”.  I tend to do well on those challenges.   The effort was awesome and it felt great to hold that pace.  But today, the hip is tender……I overdid it. 🙂   I took two steps forward, and now I have to take one step back….but I am still going forward.

In other news, we now have a hip “sister” to add to our group of hip brothers.  Kathryn contacted me this week and I will be telling her story soon.  I have also gotten updates on hip brothers Brian, Colin and Ira.  It occurred to me that they have their story to tell too.  So in the coming weeks, I am opening this blog up to them, so that they can add to the weekly reports and post their progress.  That way, future runners who may be having hip problems can get the hip replacement recovery perspective from other runners besides me.  Stay tuned.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Proceeding with Caution

Over the weekend, I received an email from fellow hip brother Brian out of New Jersey.  Not every doctor takes an optimistic approach to getting back to running after a hip replcement.  Brian’s was adamantly against it.   So he is in a bit of a conundrum.  Here is what he had to say….

Hi Tom, I am 5 weeks into recovery and very pleased with
my progress. In addition to physical therapy I am riding a stationary bike for 45 minutes four times a week and weight training 3-4 days per week. I intend to  begin a swimming regiment after my sixth week of recovery. While  I am encouraged by the running successes reported on this and other websites, my surgeon is adamant about discouraging me from ever running again. My dilemma is that he is a very prominent surgeon with 40 years of experience and can recite many cases of failed hip replacements due to running. He also feels that the success rate for revision hip surgeries is poor and often results in creating other problems that significantly reduce the quality of life. I guess I either have to follow his advice or follow my passion!

Regards, Brian

Dang!  That’s just too bad Brian.  Well I’m certainly not going to tell you to go against doctor’s orders.  I do know though that running brings a certain quality to my life.  And if that means a hip revision is in my future…..I’ll take it.  I am optimistic that that is something I won’t have to worry about for a long time though.  In the meantime, I will enjoy getting out, staying fit and enjoying nature.  Keep us posted on your progress.  You are probably one of the “more sane” members of the group.  It will be great to use you as our baseline in terms of recovery.  And hey….if you fall off the wagon……we’ll be running right along side the wagon with you….



I… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

38 Week Report

I took a week off from running with the SDP boys last week. I feel fresh and ready to go for tonight’s workout. The hip feels good. I’ve continued to maintain my base mileage of 25 to 30 miles per week, but I am not planning on setting any records anytime soon. The XC Season is well under way and I’m getting some good workouts in with the team I coach. They are starting to gain some speed. It’s getting harder for me to stay with the top dogs. All is well with the hip though. Despite this final 10% taking so long….It’s only a matter of time before the hip is fully healed. I’m an impatient optimist.

In other news, we have a new hippie to add to the list. Ira, the latest member of our growing club, contacted me last week and let me know that he is scheduled for a hip replacement in Mid November. That is not stopping him from running a race just weeks prior to the surgery. Here is what he had to say….

First, I am scheduled for my hip replacement (right hip) on 11/12/12. I’m both excited and nervous. I am 47 year old father of 2 living in Cherry Hill NJ with my wife and golden retriever. I’ve only been running for about 6+ years. I started to run to help rehab myself after having most of my right lung removed due to a carcinoid tumor. I as a non-smoker so this was quite a surprise. Needless to say, I became hooked on running, although I consider myself a penguin. To complicate matters, I also suffer from a degenerative hip issue since childhood so I knew some day that I’d need a new hip. I’ve logged many 5ks over the years, twice completed a local, fairly famous, 10 miler (The Broad Street Run, 40k runners. Crazy!!) and last year finished my first Half. All of my finishes gave me a huge sense of accomplishment and gratification considering my past medical issues. This past January, I started experiencing hip pain that gradually

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35 Week Report – (8 MONTHS)

After several weeks of racing I am settling into maintenance mode now.  The hip is still not 100%.  I’ve been asked several times if I’m going to run certain races around the area this fall.  While they are tempting…..I’m going to just maintain until I get a full year under the new hip.  Even though the hip is not quite 100%, I see improvement EVERY week.  It IS getting better.  In fact, just the other day my youngest son Tommy and I took on my nephew and his friend in a hard fought game of jam hoops (The hoop was at 7′).  My nephew  (a 9th grader) has been wanting to continue this spirited competition since before my hip was replaced.  In fact, just a month after I had my hip replacement, he was asking me if I was up for playing.  I am sure he forgot…..or did he want to get me out there before I became unstoppable again?  Not sure.  Needless to say, the latest game was a battle to the final point.  Tommy and  I pulled out the win.  My nephew was devastated.  I think I need to walk away from the court now….and never play again….he’s getting too good.  And unlike the last time we competed in something there was no good humored trash talking at the end of this go around.  Just eight months after hip replacement….I’m flying through the air AT LEAST SIX INCHES OFF THE GROUND slamming the ROCK home!  Winning feels good! 🙂

On September 10th, we will  have a new addition to the hipster/hippie family.  Brian contacted me last week to let me know he found my BLOG and is grateful.  One of the reasons I put this BLOG out here was to give future hip replacement candidates a reference point as to what they can expect and where they can expect to be during the weeks of the first year and beyond.  Here is what Brian had to say….

Tom, I just found your website this evening and have
spent the last several hours reading every weekly report and every

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